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Wooden Tea Set

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It's tea time! 

Tea sets make great role play toys as they can be played with in lots of different ways.

Children can bring you endless cups of tea or coffee, they can throw a tea party for their toys or they can pretend they work in a café. Each of these scenarios will require them to take on a slightly different role, get them using different language, and mean they have to set up for the game and problem solve in different ways, all while having fun!

12 Piece Wooden Tea Set
* 1 x Cake: 3 x 5.7 cm
* 1 x Strawberry biscuit: 2 x 2.5 x 7 cm
* 2 x Chocolate biscuit: 1x 3.5 cm
* 1 x Cake plate: 11 cm
* 2 x Saucers
* 2 x Cups: 3 x 4.5 cm
* 1 x Teapot: 12 x 7cm
* 1 x Spoon: 9.5 x 2.5 cm
* 1 x Serving tray