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Shapes Sorting Cube

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An incredibly unique shape-exploration experience!

The six chunky shape blocks are each designed with fascinating textures that are sure to thrill the fingers. There's a cube, a diamond, a sphere, a triangle and a flower.

But the best part? As kids push the shapes through the elastic bands of the cube, curiosity is sparked and young minds can't help but explore, experiment, and discover.

It's beautifully simple and amazingly mind-expanding!

Cognitive skills
Our shape sorting cube helps increase visual-spatial awareness and develops a deeper understanding of fitting shapes and developing hand eye coordination.

Fine motor movements
Pushing the shapes through the string openings help your toddler or child to exercise and refine small muscles using their fingers. When playing with the puzzle, children are required to pick up, pinch, and grasp pieces and move them around in order to fit the shapes into the cube. Encourages fine motor skills, tactile exploration, experimentation

High quality and safe
It's made of high-quality material, tough and durable. The puzzle pieces have smooth, polished, and softly rounded edges, making it safe for your child.

Problem solving
It teaches your kids to solve a problem, they have to think and develop strategies to achieve a goal. This process is what helps young children develop logic, reasoning, and problem-solving skills that help them reach a solution, which are skills they carry into their adult lives.

Hand-eye coordination
Handling the different pieces help understand the connection between their hands and their eyes. To complete a puzzle, children’s eyes and hands need to work together to recognize the object, envision how it will look, and use their hands to make the piece fit.

What's in the box
1 x Innovative Shape-sorting Cube
6 x Chunky, Uniquely Textured Colourful Shapes