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Learn Through Play SA

I Love Maths Set

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Learn numbers 1 to 10. Helps to understand the relationship between the number, quantity, colour identification skills, learn simple addition and subtraction. Enriches your child's imagination and encourages logical thinking. Excellent for learning basic to advanced counting, identifying numbers, addition, subtraction and matching quantity to symbol.

What's in the box :
- 10 wooden flashcards with illustration to correlate to the number. Each card has a slot for the wooden number to be placed in
- 15 double-sided addition flashcards ( 30 equations) that are wipeable
- 15 double-sided subtraction flashcards ( 30 equations) that are wipeable
- 11 wooden number pieces
- 100 math counting sticks
- 1 drawstring bag
- 1 dry erase marker and cloth