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Geometric Stacker

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Match and sort these 25 colourful wooden pieces, and skill building is just part of the fun. Rings, octagons, and rectangles can be slotted onto the three rods, stacked on top of each other, or lined up to compare shapes, sizes, and colours. This first - concepts set is a manipulative all - star.
More Ways to Play and Learn:
- Remove the stacking pieces from the rods and place them on a flat surface
- Ask the child to sort the pieces by colour
- Ask the child to count the number of pieces in each group
- Mix all the pieces together and ask the child to sort the pieces according to the shape
- Ask the child to try stacking the pieces into three towers without using the rods
- Place the pieces in a paper bag or pillowcase. Ask the child to reach into the bag and choose one piece, determining the shape before removing it (ring, octagon, or rectangle). If the child identifies the shape correctly, the piece is placed on the appropriate rod; if not, the piece is returned to the bag. Play continues until all the pieces have been placed on the rods

- Dimensions: 28cm x 21cm x 6cm