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Learn Through Play SA

Electronic Flash Card Reader

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This educational device makes learning fun for children. It is designed to improve their learning and cognitive abilities. Children can learn about food, colours, vehicles, vegetables, fruit, occupations, shapes and animals. Sight and sound are combined. Break the traditional way of using boring flashcards.

Using great sound effects and colourful pictures, Our Flash Card Reader teaches both audio and visual recognition of essential words, perfect for pre-schoolers and early readers.

- Simple to operate, does not require network , USB charging ( batteries are not required ), compact size, and convenient carrying
- Contains 112 double side flashcards = 224 toddler learning flashcards, including 56 animals (zoo domestic sea animals), 25 vehicles, 31 daily objects, 21 food items, 17 vegetables, 18 fruit, 8 family, 9 colour, 5 shape, 8 occupation , 16 clothing and 10 nature cards.
- Great speech therapy toy for toddlers to learn simple words and identify with pictures and names. Recommended by therapists for non-verbal kids as this speech therapy toy has vivid sounds and combines flashcards with pronunciation.
- Inserting the card reader will play real animal or transport’s sound increasing language cognitive ability and imitation.
- Excellent Learning Toy for Toddler: Parents and teachers can use learning to teach young children to learn to speak, expand vocabulary and reinforce sight vocabulary in a more fun way.

Easy to Use: Insert a flashcard and it will read the word and make a sound that matches the pattern. A scanner “reads” the barcode on the back of each card. Repeat function can reread and learn, no need to insert the card again.
Has a standard pronunciation, but also accompanies the calls of related animals, which vividly reflects the characteristics of the animals.

What's in the box
1 x Kiddies Electronic Flash Cards Reader
112 x Double Sided Flash Cards (224 Words)