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Egg Matching Set

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How egg-citing!!!

Our Egg Matching Set is the most versatile set you can add to your child's play. This set contains 12 unique coloured eggs that split in two, revealing a unique colour and shape. The eggs are the perfect size for little hands and fingers to manipulate and is a fun way to learn both colours and shapes.

Different ways the Egg Matching Set can be used:
🥚 Scramble the eggs to match and sort.
🥚 Sensory play - scramble the eggs in rice or shredded paper and let your child search for it.
🥚Advanced activity - use a whiteboard marker and write the uppercase and lowercase letters on each half so that they can pair or alternatively write numbers that pairs with quantity
🥚 Dip in paint for creative art or used to teach sequencing
🥚Press shapes in playdough for patterns
🥚 Gross motor skills setup - use the eggs to play egg-and-spoon game by placing the egg on a spoon and walking across the room, even more tricky if they have to walk through an obstacle course holding the egg on the spoon
🥚 Can be added to pretend play kitchen or supermarket setup

Learning benefits :
⭐ Colour and shape recognition
⭐ Develops fine motor skills
⭐ Develops problem solving skills
⭐ Develops hand-eye coordination

The Egg Matching Set contains 12 plastic eggs in a plastic carton.