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Busy Bus

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Pre-schoolers want to help! The Montessori Wooden Bus provides little ones with their very own project that encourages the right amount of complexity for growing minds.

Teaching life skills early on, the Montessori Wooden Bus supports the development of hand-eye coordination, dexterity, independent solving and concentration. And yes, the wheels are functional!

The Montessori Wooden Bus arrives packaged in a box that keeps all the bits and pieces nicely secured and ready to be explored, it can also make the perfect gift!

This bus-shaped bolt board with rolling wheels is just the toy for kids who are fascinated by hardware! Includes a kid-sized screwdriver, wrench, and toy nuts and bolts for kids to play with.

Educational Benefits : 
- Develop fine motor skills
- Develop hand eye coordination skills
- Exercise hand muscles
- Develop problem solving skills
- Early exposure to practical life skills
- Encouragement for pretend/imaginary play

Warning: This toy contains small parts that may present as a chocking hazard. We suggest that ONLY children over the age of 3 years old play with this toy under adult supervision.

The set includes : Solid wood Bus Base x 1 2 x head screws, hexagon socket head cap screw x 1, outer hexagon screw x 1, butterfly screw x 1, quincan handle screw x 1 wrench x 1 and screw driver x 1