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Learn Through Play SA

2 in 1 Wooden Geoboard

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Let's get your child's fingers working by manoeuvring the elastic bands into any design they can dream of!

Children can learn shapes, numbers and alphabets by understanding geometric concepts with hands-on exploration. Working with geometric shapes is a great pre-reading and pre-writing activity! The child learns to see shapes and to name them, preparing them to see letters and numbers and then eventually write them.

Great for fine motor skills and encouraging creativity. Brilliant for developing spatial skills, symmetry and mastering pre-writing skills.
As they manipulate the rubber bands they are developing hand-eye coordination and muscle control.
The wooden board can be incorporated into any lesson.
Also included is a wooden threading bear... thread emotions, crisscross thread. Thread beads onto the laces to create another dimension to the fun!

2 in 1 Wooden Geoboard Set consists of :
- Wooden board: Size 22 x 22 cm
- Wooden threading bear: 15 x 15 cm Includes 2 laces for threading and 24 durable coloured elastic bands